I’m over 35. Not sure if I’m an emerging artist, a professional or whatever you want to call it.


I'm self-taught. Sometimes I’m a photographer or a sculptor or a designer. Now I’m trying to be a painter.


I don’t have a great CV but that doesn't matter because my art is the main thing.


I don’t like to be on parade. I'm not a party animal. I don’t like openings. My social skills depend on how I wake up. I don’t really fit well into the art world. My thing is expressing myself through art; art as an expression without being obsessed with public relations.


I am not interested in writing long unintelligible texts about my works. My works speak for themselves.


In short, I create art because it’s my salvation, my cure. Art is what makes me come alive. Without art I would be lost and empty inside.


I care about the creative process. Through art I’ve learnt to escape the monotony, the suffering, the pain and also to bring beauty and light into my life.


I try to bring art to people, to share my creative process, to make art more accessible and less elitist. Art is for everyone.


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